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Morvillo LLP has extensive experience defending companies and individuals in both federal and state court matters. Our attorneys handle criminal cases, regulatory investigations, civil enforcement actions and more. Several of our attorneys are former federal prosecutors or were attorneys at the Securities and Exchange Commission, and all of our partners and counsel have extensive experience in trying criminal cases in federal courts.

What makes our firm stand apart is that we deliver successful results in an efficient and cost-effective manner, and we tailor our strategy based on the particular client’s goals. When clients hire a Morvillo LLP attorney to represent them, they not only get the full attention and energy of that lawyer, but they also benefit from the judgment and vast experience of our entire team of litigators. We pride ourselves on coming up with creative ways to resolve matters short of an indictment or a trial. On the other hand, if a client wants to fight the government, we have the skill and the wherewithal to aggressively advocate at every turn.

Substantively, we have decades of experience handling matters involving allegations of:

  • Securities fraud, including insider trading;
  • Commodity futures fraud;
  • Violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act;
  • Antitrust violations;
  • Government contract fraud;
  • Commercial bribery;
  • Bank fraud;
  • Tax fraud;
  • Money laundering;
  • Obstruction of justice; and more.

Our partners have represented clients involved in many high-profile matters, including the criminal trial of Martha Stewart, criminal investigations relating to former AIG CEO Maurice “Hank” Greenberg, the criminal trial of the former CEO of Refco, criminal cases related to Galleon Hedge Fund, Level Global Hedge Fund, SAC Fund, partners of Big 4 accounting firms, the former Chief Marketing Officer of US Foodservices (a subsidiary of Royal Ahold) and a former consultant to the NBA Players Association. Currently, one of our partners represents a client on appeal in an insider trading case, the outcome of which could significantly change the law governing insider trading liability (see Chiasson Appeal Briefs). We also represent clients involved in investigations of Swiss banks by the Department of Justice, the SEC, and the United States Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations and investment bankers in connection with several RMBS and FCPA probes by the Department of Justice and the SEC.

Though many of our matters involve investigations and cases by the Department of Justice, U.S. Attorney’s Offices around the country and the SEC, we also routinely represent clients in matters before:

  • The Financial Industry Regulatory Authority;
  • State Attorneys General;
  • District Attorneys;
  • The Public Company Accounting Oversight Board;
  • The Commodity Futures Trading Commission;
  • The Office of the Comptroller of the Currency; and
  • Congressional committees.

Our attorneys also work on matters involving foreign jurisdictions. We currently represent clients in matters before the FSA, SFO and other authorities in Great Britain as well as other parts of Europe, Asia and South America.

In addition to focusing on securities-related matters, we represent clients in criminal cases and investigations by the IRS and the Department of Justice, including clients interested in participating in the IRS offshore account amnesty program. Our experience includes representing:

  • Several subjects and targets of the Department of Justice’s investigations regarding alleged tax violations in connection with foreign bank accounts;
  • Investment banks in connection with the IRS, DOJ and SEC “yield burning” investigations;
  • Dozens of holders of Swiss and other foreign bank accounts in connection with the IRS amnesty program;
  • A client in connection with the United States Attorney’s Office’s tax shelter trial against the principals of a Big 4 accounting firm;
  • A client who was a partner at a major accounting firm in connection with the Department of Justice investigation of tax shelters;
  • A client in connection with alleged tax violations of a prominent New York City politician;
  • A bank executive in connection with an investigation of the bank’s activities related to undeclared foreign accounts by the United States Senate’s Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations; and
  • Multiple clients, including a former partner at a large national law firm, an employee of the NYRA, and a senior executive of an international consulting firm, in connection with the clients’ alleged failure to file income tax returns and pay the corresponding taxes.

Virtually all Morvillo LLP lawyers have experience handling criminal tax matters because criminal tax problems frequently arise out of other white collar criminal matters. Thus, our strategy in pursuing solutions to white collar criminal matters routinely involves seeking creative resolutions to complicated criminal tax investigations.


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