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We are committed to increasing and maintaining our firm’s diversity. It is important to us that people of all backgrounds can become part of our firm and reach their full potential here. This variety provides a richer working environment for all. It also, of course, improves our firm’s ability to serve our clients, whose backgrounds reflect the variety and scope of the global economy. Diversity is especially important at Morvillo LLP because we are a firm of advocates: Our practice requires us to communicate with, and persuade, audiences that include individuals from widely different backgrounds. The richer our own diversity, and the wider our own perspectives, the better our ability to communicate with this array of audiences.


In our recruiting, we are actively working to maintain and improve our firm’s diversity. Inside our firm, we enthusiastically encourage and reward activities that advance the development of our diverse attorneys. We believe that we provide those attorneys strong support. We also strive to maintain a firm culture that combines world-class legal work with work-life balance and a strong sense of inclusiveness. We are proud of our firm’s supportive environment. We look forward to maintaining and improving this environment while working to increase the diversity of our attorneys.





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