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PRACTICE AREAS: Accountants' Liability

Our partners have decades of experience advising accounting firms and defending them in a wide variety of civil, enforcement, criminal, and disciplinary matters.

We have represented all of the Big Four (and before that other members of the Big Five and Big Eight), other national firms, regional firms, and overseas member firms of global accounting networks. Typical matters have included auditor malpractice claims; claims by third parties such as lenders and investors; claims by client successors such as receivers and trustees; and shareholder class actions (see our Securities Litigation practice). We also have extensive experience representing firms and accountants in investigations and enforcements actions by federal and state regulatory bodies, particularly the SEC, the PCAOB, and the Department of Justice. (See our Securities Enforcement practice and our White-Collar Defense practice.) We defend accountants in disciplinary matters. We also advise firms about regulations and strategic matters.

Accounting firms often face legal exposure on several fronts at once: parallel proceedings by enforcement agencies, prosecutors, and private parties; civil claims in multiple jurisdictions; and corporate internal investigations into the facts underlying all of these tracks. For accounting firms based outside of the United States, these matters can be even more complex. We have extensive experience coordinating these multiple tracks.

We recently obtained dismissal of a securities class action arising out of our client's audit of a China-based SEC registrant, and we represent other firms in assorted civil matters. We also represent several clients in SEC or PCAOB inquiries; these clients include a Big Four firm, a regional firm, an overseas member firm of a global accounting network, and partners of national firms. We represent former auditors from a Big Four firm in litigation related to a hedge fund that invested with Madoff. In addition to our work directly for clients, we write and speak regularly about the development of law that is important to accounting firms.






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